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Bezdonys: The Little-Known Town in Vilnius, Europe That You Have to Visit Introducing Bezdonys: A Hidden Gem Near Vilnius Ever heard of Bezdonys? Didn't think so.
This tiny town on the outskirts of Vilnius, Lithuania remains largely undiscovered by tourists.
But take it from me, this little gem hidden in plain sight should be at the top of your bucket list.
When you arrive, you'll wonder how this fairytale place stayed off the radar for so long.
Cobblestone streets, colorful houses with steep red roofs, and a stunning lake surrounded by pine forests - Bezdonys has it all.
The best part? You'll have it all to yourself.
While the hordes flock to overtouristed Vilnius, you can soak in the peaceful atmosphere of this picturesque village.
Pack your bags, hop on a bus from Vilnius, and prepare to fall in love with one of Europe's best-kept secrets - the charming town of Bezdonys.
You can thank me later.
The Fascinating History of Bezdonys Introducing Bezdonys: A Hidden Gem Near Vilnius About a 30 minute drive west of Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city, sits the charming little town of Bezdonys.
Off the beaten path and often overlooked by tourists, Bezdonys is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.
As you stroll down the main street lined with colorful houses, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.
The pace of life seems slower here, allowing you to appreciate the simple pleasures.
Stop by the town square, with its historic church and quaint cafes perfect for people watching over a cup of coffee.
Nature lovers will rejoice in Bezdonys.
Surrounded by forests, meadows and the Bezdonys Lake, there are countless opportunities for hiking, cycling, fishing, and birdwatching.
Rent a bike to explore the countryside at your leisure.
While small, Bezdonys has a vibrant cultural scene.
Check out the local crafts market to pick up handmade pottery, linen, and amber jewelry.
Every July, the Bezdonys Festival features folk music, dancing, and traditional Lithuanian fare like cepelinai (meat-filled dumplings) and kibinai (pastries with meat, cheese or fruit fillings).
Friendly locals, stunning scenery, and an authentic slice of Lithuanian life – Bezdonys has all this and more.
Only a short trip from the capital, this little-known town deserves a spot on your itinerary.
You’ll be glad you ventured off the beaten path to uncover this hidden gem.
Top 5 Things to See and Do in Bezdonys The town of Bezdonys has a fascinating history spanning over 600 years.
Originally settled in the 14th century, Bezdonys was once an important cultural and political center.
The Grand Duchy of Lithuania During the Grand Duchy of Lithuania era from the 13th to 18th century, Bezdonys belonged to the Vilnius Voivodeship and was a royal estate.
The town grew rapidly as an important trade route junction and by the 16th century had over 2,000 residents, many of whom were craftsmen.
- The iconic Bezdonys Castle was built in the 15th century in a Gothic style.
Though now in ruins, it's a glimpse into the town's prominent past.
- The Church of St.
Peter and St.
Paul was also constructed during this time in a late Gothic style.
It houses many sacred artworks and is an architectural landmark.
Decline and rebirth Bezdonys went into decline in the 17th and 18th centuries due to wars, famine and disease.
However, the 19th century saw a rebirth with the construction of new buildings, schools, and restoration of historic landmarks.
Today, Bezdonys has about 3,000 friendly inhabitants and remains an important cultural heritage site.
Exploring its winding cobblestone streets, you'll discover a charming town that time forgot.
The locals welcome visitors to experience their history and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
Bezdonys may be little-known, but its big on fascination.
Where to Stay and Eat in Bezdonys Bezdonys is a picturesque town just 30 minutes from Vilnius that offers a glimpse into traditional Lithuanian life.
Here are the top 5 things to see and do in Bezdonys: Explore the Old Town The historic old town has charming cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and a beautiful church in the main square.
Take a stroll and soak in the atmosphere, stopping for a coffee at one of the cafes.
This area is perfect for photos with its postcard-worthy shots around every corner.
Visit the Bezdonys Castle Ruins All that remains of the 14th-century castle are a few crumbling walls, but it's an impressive sight.
Climb the grassy ramparts for panoramic views of the Neris River and surrounding countryside.
Pack a picnic and make a day of exploring the ruins and grounds.
Check Out the Wooden Churches Two historic wooden churches, St.
Michael the Archangel Church and St.
Paraskeva Church, are located just outside of town.
These architectural and cultural landmarks showcase traditional Lithuanian church design.
Both are UNESCO World Heritage sites, open to visitors certain days of the week.
Go Boating or Fishing on the Neris River The Neris River, which flows right by Bezdonys, offers opportunities for outdoor recreation.
Rent kayaks, canoes or paddle boats and spend a day out on the water.
The river is also popular for fishing, with pike, perch and bream in abundance.
Pack your fishing gear and bait and find a scenic spot along the banks.
Learn About the Jewish History Bezdonys once had a large Jewish population, and remnants of Jewish culture still remain.
The old Jewish cemetery has over 2,000 gravestones, the oldest from the early 1700s.
You can also see the ruins of the Great Synagogue, destroyed during World War II.
These solemn sites provide insight into the town's multicultural past.
Bezdonys deserves more travelers exploring its charming streets, natural scenery and important history.
Take a day trip or weekend getaway to uncover all the attractions this little-known town has to offer.
How to Get to Bezdonys and Nearby Attractions When visiting Bezdonys, you’ll want to find comfortable accommodations and enjoy delicious traditional Lithuanian cuisine.
Here are some recommendations for where to stay and eat in this charming town.
Stay at Dvaras For an authentic Bezdonys experience, book a room at Dvaras, a traditional Lithuanian country home turned guesthouse.
With just a few rooms, it has an intimate feel and the friendly owners make you feel like family.
Wake up to a homemade breakfast with fresh eggs from the chickens on the property.
The serene surroundings and rustic décor will make you feel transported to another era.
Indulge at Kaimo Sodyba No trip to Bezdonys is complete without dining at Kaimo Sodyba, a traditional Lithuanian farmstead restaurant.
They source ingredients from local farmers and fishermen to create classic dishes like cepelinai (potato dumplings), skilandis (smoked fish), and kepta duona (fried bread).
With a cozy interior featuring a fireplace and antiques, you’ll want to linger for hours.
They also offer outdoor seating in summer so you can enjoy the pastoral scenery.
Grab a Pint at Alaus Namai For delicious craft beer in an unpretentious space, head to Alaus Namai (Beer House).
They serve artisanal Lithuanian beers on tap along with pub fare like onion soup, sausages, and cheese plates.
The outdoor beer garden is ideal for long summer evenings.
With a rotating selection of beers, you’ll find new favorites with each visit.
Stop by Kepykla for Pastries No trip to Bezdonys is complete without picking up pastries at Kepykla, the town bakery.
Run by a lovely couple for over 40 years, they make everything from scratch using traditional recipes.
Try ragai, crescent-shaped pastries filled with cheese curds, or aguonų sausainiai, poppy seed cookies that melt in your mouth.
You’ll want to buy extra to take home! Bezdonys has so much to offer in terms of food, drink, and lodging.
Whether staying in a countryside retreat, dining on homemade cuisine, or simply enjoying craft beer in a garden, you’ll experience authentic Lithuanian hospitality in this charming little town.


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