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Borovka Vilnius Europe: A Taste of the Old Town Exploring the Charming Old Town of Vilnius You finally made it to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and you can't wait to dive into the history and charm of the Old Town.
As soon as you arrive, the cobblestone streets and Baroque architecture transport you back in time.
But before exploring the many churches, museums, and shops, your first stop absolutely must be Borovka Vilnius.
This cozy restaurant has been serving up traditional Lithuanian fare since the early 1900s.
As you walk through the rustic wooden door, the savory smells of potato pancakes, cold beetroot soup, and stuffed cabbage rolls waft through the air.
Find a table in one of the small rooms with whitewashed walls and settle in.
A friendly waitress brings over a basket of dark, hearty bread to snack on as you peruse the menu.
Whatever you choose, one thing is certain - your taste buds are in for an authentic treat.
This is exactly the Old World experience you were hoping for in Vilnius.
Discovering Authentic Lithuanian Cuisine at Borovka Once you've arrived in the capital of Lithuania, head straight to the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with history.
This area is home to architectural wonders, charming cobblestone streets, and a buzzing food scene.
As you stroll the winding lanes, you'll spot houses of worship like the early Baroque St.
Casimir's Church and Gothic St.
Anne's Church.
For panoramic views, climb the bell tower of Vilnius Cathedral, a Neoclassical masterpiece.
Culture vultures should visit the National Art Gallery, housed in a former monastery, to admire European art from the 14th century onwards.
Food is an integral part of any Vilnius adventure.
Grab a beer at one of the casual bars or sip coffee at a cozy cafe.
For traditional eats, order cepelinai, potato dumplings with meat, cheese or mushrooms, or žemaičių blynai, potato pancakes often served with sour cream.
Sweet tooths will love šakotis, a spit cake soaked in honey.
At night, the Old Town transforms into a buzzing nightlife hub.
Catch live music at a laid-back venue or go bar hopping along the cobblestone streets.
For a fancier evening, try Lithuanian fine dining at Sweet Root or contemporary cuisine at Džiaugsmas.
With architectural and cultural wonders, a happening food-and-drink scene, and a magical nighttime ambiance, you’ll fall head over heels for the Old Town’s charms.
Spend at least a couple days exploring all it has to offer—you won’t regret it.
Borovka's Cozy, Traditional Dining Room Nothing beats experiencing the local cuisine when traveling, and in Vilnius that means sampling authentic Lithuanian fare.
A great place to start is Borovka, an intimate restaurant in the heart of the Old Town that serves up traditional dishes with a modern twist.
Finding Your Seat Borovka only seats around 25 people, so reservations are highly recommended.
The rustic yet stylish interior features natural wood, crisp white tablecloths, and floral accents.
In warmer months, grab a table on their patio and soak in the surrounding cobblestone streets.
Tasting the Traditions To begin, order the potato pancakes, or ‘cepelinai’, topped with sour cream, bacon and chives.
For mains, you can’t go wrong with the beef cheeks, fork-tender after braising for hours in beer, or the perch fillet, lightly breaded and pan-fried.
Washing it Down An excellent Lithuanian beer like Švyturys or Utenos pairs perfectly with such hearty fare.
If you prefer wine, Borovka offers a small but thoughtful list of natural and organic European varieties.
And for dessert, the cheesecake with rowanberry jam or the classic poppy seed cake should satisfy any sweet tooth.
A meal at Borovka offers a delicious glimpse into Lithuania’s culinary heritage.
With its farm-fresh ingredients, family recipes, and cozy ambiance, you’ll feel right at home while still experiencing the rich flavors of Vilnius.
Ačiū, or thanks, for the memories! Signature Dishes You Must Try at Borovka Borovka Vilnius’ cozy, traditional dining room is the heart of this charming restaurant.
With its rustic wooden floors, exposed brick walls and dim lighting, you’ll feel transported to an old country estate.
- The intimate space only seats around 15 people at a time, so reservations are highly recommended, especially on weekends.
Call ahead or book on their website to ensure you get a table.
Once seated, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and presented with leather-bound menus listing traditional Lithuanian cuisine with a modern twist.
Dishes like cepelinai, potato dumplings stuffed with meat and cheese, kotletas, fried breaded pork cutlets, and kepta duona, fried bread with garlic butter, will have your mouth watering.
- An excellent starter is the sėklinės pupelės, broad beans with bacon and onions.
For mains, you can’t go wrong with the kaimiškas paukštienos troškinys, country-style chicken stew, or jautienos troškinys, beef stew, served with a side of boiled potatoes.
- Be sure to save room for dessert.
Sweets like varškės pyragas, a cottage cheese cake, arbata, fruit dumplings, and šakočiai, honey cake, provide the perfect sweet ending to your meal.
The cozy ambiance, welcoming staff and home-style cooking will make you want to linger for hours.
Borovka Vilnius offers an authentic taste of Lithuanian culture in the heart of the capital’s old town.
A hidden gem for experiencing the cuisine and hospitality of this Baltic country.
Borovka: A Quintessential Vilnius Experience in the Heart of Europe Borovka Vilnius offers traditional Lithuanian cuisine with a modern twist.
When dining at this cozy yet upscale restaurant in Old Town, there are a few signature dishes you simply must try.
Cepelinai No trip to Lithuania is complete without tasting cepelinai, potato dumplings usually filled with meat or cheese.
Borovka’s version features potato dumplings stuffed with beef and pork, and topped with fried onions, sour cream, and bacon bits.
The dumplings are light yet hearty, and the mix of textures and flavors is sublime.
Herring For a taste of the Baltic sea, order the herring.
Borovka offers several types of herring, including: - Matjes herring: Raw herring fillets marinated in a sweet and sour cream sauce.
Refreshing and tangy.
- Brined herring: Herring fillets cured in a saltwater brine.
Robust, savory, and intensely flavored.
- Fried herring: Herring fillets coated in flour and pan-fried.
Crispy, flaky, and served with a side of boiled potatoes.
A classic Lithuanian comfort food.
Cold Beetroot Soup On a warm summer evening, Borovka’s cold beetroot soup provides refreshing respite.
This pink soup is made from beets, kefir or buttermilk, cucumbers, and fresh dill.
Tart, chilled, and vibrant, it’s a surprising and delightful way to experience beets.
The color alone is stunning.
A meal at Borovka isn’t complete without also trying their artisanal bread, locally crafted beer or mead, and homemade pastries for dessert.
With its laid-back vibe, affordable prices, and top-notch traditional fare, Borovka embodies the heart of Vilnius’ old town.
A visit here is a must.


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