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Griniai Vilnius Europe: The Secret Party Spots of Lithuania's Capital Exploring the Nightlife of Vilnius, Lithuania Have you ever dreamed of getting lost in the underground party scene of a European city? Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is an unexpected gem for those looking to go off the beaten path.
By day, Vilnius enchants visitors with its picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with Baroque architecture and cafes.
But by night, a secret world awakens in the city's grittier districts as the electronic music scene comes alive.
You may have to do some digging, but hidden throughout Vilnius are underground clubs, secret lofts, and abandoned buildings transformed into dance floors that go until dawn.
If you want an authentic taste of Vilnius' rebellious spirit and a glimpse into the city's underground culture, you have to experience its clandestine party scene.
This is your guide into the secret spots and late-night adventures of Europe's next big party capital.
The real Vilnius nightlife is waiting—if you know where to look.
The Best Bars and Clubs in the Old Town of Vilnius The nightlife in Vilnius is buzzing, with secret spots tucked away that only locals know about.
Once the sun sets over the Neris river, the city comes alive.
To start your night right, head to Užupis - Vilnius’ bohemian district.
This self-declared independent republic has quirky bars and cafes along the river.
Try Užupio kavinė for drinks in a casual, artsy space or grab craft beers at Šnekutis.
As the night goes on, make your way to the Old Town.
Find the secret door to Markus ir Ko - an underground jazz club - or stop by Distilerija, a speakeasy-style bar hidden behind a bookcase.
For dancing, Opium Club and Loftas attract electronic music fans.
Vilnius also has an emerging foodie scene with restaurants open late.
Drop into Džiaugsmas for farm-to-table fare and natural wines or Keulė Rūkė for smoked meat paired with Lithuanian craft brews.
Once most bars start closing around 1 or 2 am, the party moves to 24-hour spots.
Head to artist-run club Kablys for DJs and multimedia shows that go until sunrise or catch live acts at Tamsta, open every night of the week.
With secret bars, late-night eats, and clubs open until dawn, Vilnius’ after-hours scene is an experience in itself.
Lose yourself in the city’s hidden corners and you’ll discover why Vilnius never sleeps.
The night has just begun! Hidden Gem Cocktail Bars in Griniai, Vilnius Once the sun sets in Vilnius, the nightlife awakens.
Head to the Old Town for an evening of bar hopping you won't soon forget.
Užupis District This bohemian neighborhood is filled with quirky bars and cafes.
Grab a beer at Užupio Kavine, an open-air cafe along the river, or head to Šnekutis for craft cocktails and a stunning view of the city.
Nightlife on Vilniaus Street This popular street is party central, with bars and clubs that stay open late into the night.
Check out Bix, a stylish jazz bar, or Opium, a hip nightclub featuring electronic music and avant-garde decor.
For a more laid-back vibe, pop into Mojo Lounge or Who Hit John.
Alternative Spots If mainstream clubs aren't your scene, Vilnius has options for you too.
Head to Loftas, an industrial-style club in an abandoned warehouse that hosts alternative bands and DJs.
Menų Fabrikas is an old factory converted into an art and music space, while Kablys is a grungy underground club featuring rock and electronic acts.
With so many choices for a night out in Vilnius, you may want to pace yourself - but the city's buzzing energy will keep you going well into the early hours.
Take your time exploring the bars, clubs and secret party spots of this capital city.
Morning will come soon enough, so make the most of the night! Experiencing the Electric Nightclub Scene in Europe Hidden Gem Cocktail Bars in Griniai, Vilnius Mint Vinetu Tucked away on a quiet cobblestone street, Mint Vinetu is an underground speakeasy-style bar that takes cocktails very seriously.
The bartenders are passionate mixologists who use the freshest ingredients to create innovative libations.
They also offer a solid selection of craft beers from local Lithuanian breweries.
With dark wood accents, leather booths and a speakeasy vibe, it has an atmosphere perfect for a date or intimate conversation with friends.
They frequently host guest bartenders from around the world, so you never know what exotic cocktail you might find on the menu.
For a memorable night out in Vilnius, Mint Vinetu should be at the top of your list.
Alchemikas For an alchemist-themed cocktail adventure, head to Alchemikas.
This bar was opened by the owners of Mint Vinetu, so you can expect the same level of care and creativity.
However, Alchemikas has more of a science lab feel with beakers, vials and a periodic table of the elements on the wall.
The bartenders use unusual ingredients like saline solutions, exotic bitters and vapors to produce multi-sensory cocktails.
Some drinks even arrive with an atomized spray to enhance the aroma.
They also offer bar snacks like duck rillettes, cheese plates and oysters to balance out their innovative cocktails.
It’s a quirky spot that will appeal to anyone fascinated by experimental mixology.
Alchemikas stays open until the wee hours of the morning, so it’s a popular place for a nightcap.
Piano Man For a swanky night out, head to Piano Man, an upscale bar located in a historic building from the 15th century.
They’re known for their live jazz music, craft cocktails and gourmet bar bites.
With antique furnishings, velvet couches, and a resident piano man tinkling the ivories, the vibe is stylish yet cozy.
In addition to cocktails, they have an extensive selection of whiskeys, rums and craft beers.
They also offer refined bar snacks like truffle fries, duck confit sliders and cheese plates.
For a touch of sophistication in Vilnius, Piano Man is the place to see and be seen.
The quality of the drinks, music and overall experience justifies the higher prices.
It’s worth dressing up for an evening at this Vilnius institution.
Griniai Vilnius Nightlife: A Local's Guide to the Hottest Spots Vilnius comes alive after dark, with an electric nightclub and bar scene that rivals any major European city.
As the sun sets, the streets fill up with stylish young Lithuanians and tourists ready to dance the night away.
Pump up the Volume For pounding electronic music and laser light shows, head to Opium Club or Salento.
These massive nightclubs feature world-class DJs spinning house, trance and Top 40 remixes late into the early morning hours.
With multiple dance floors, bars and lounge areas, you can find your perfect vibe.
Chill Vibes If loud nightclubs aren’t your scene, Vilnius has laid-back bars with a retro, bohemian feel.
Check out Šnekutis, a cozy bar that features live jazz and blues bands.
Or duck into Memelis - Žaliakalnis, a hipster bar in an old warehouse with board games, craft beer on tap and an outdoor patio.
For cocktails in an upscale yet unpretentious setting, try Sweet Root.
Their bartenders are true mixologists, using house-made bitters and infusions in creative concoctions.
Hidden Gems Some of Vilnius’ most unique nightlife spots are tucked away, off the beaten path.
BIX Baras is accessed through an unmarked door in the wall of a parking garage, leading to a stylish speakeasy-style bar with killer cocktails.
Located in an abandoned building, Obuolys is an underground bar, art gallery and music venue all in one.
Check their schedule for eclectic live shows, movie screenings and other cultural events.
With new bars, clubs and event spaces opening up all the time in Vilnius, the best way to experience the nightlife is to simply start exploring.
Head out after dark, follow the sounds of music and crowds of stylish young people, and you're sure to stumble upon the next cool spot.
The nightlife scene in Vilnius is constantly evolving - so get out there and be part of its vibrant culture and energy.


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