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Exploring the Charming Town of Kehlen, Luxembourg An Introduction to Kehlen, Luxembourg You're driving through the picturesque countryside of Luxembourg and stumble upon an inviting little town.
As you cross an old stone bridge into the heart of Kehlen, you feel like you've discovered a hidden gem.
Friendly locals wave and greet you with a warm "Moien!" as you wander the cobbled streets.
Quaint half-timbered houses with geranium-filled window boxes line the main road, transporting you to another era.
Stop for a leisurely lunch at an outdoor cafe and savor traditional Luxembourgish cuisine with a glass of crisp Riesling.
Explore the nearby ruins of St.
Martin's Chapel, originally built in the 12th century, for panoramic views of the town nestled in the valley below.
Though small in size, Kehlen charms you with its peaceful ambiance and timeless beauty.
By the end of the day, you find yourself wishing you had more time to linger in this storybook town that feels lost in time.
Discover the irresistible allure of Kehlen for yourself.
Top Attractions and Activities in Kehlen Nestled in the hills of Luxembourg lies the storybook village of Kehlen.
Just a 15-minute drive from the capital city of Luxembourg, this charming commune feels worlds away.
Picturesque Surroundings Kehlen is surrounded by bucolic countryside, rolling meadows and thick forests.
For outdoor enthusiasts, there are many walking and biking trails to explore.
The hiking path to Stafelter chapel offers panoramic views of the Alzette valley.
You might spot wildlife like deer, foxes, and birds of prey along the way.
A Bit of History The village has a long history dating back to the Gallo-Roman era.
Some landmarks worth seeing are the St.
Willibrord church from the 12th century, the ruins of 15th-century Kehlen castle, and an old stone bridge spanning the Alzette river.
A Relaxing Escape If you're looking to unwind, Kehlen delivers.
Spend an afternoon at the thermal baths of Mondorf-les-Bains just 5 minutes away.
Or enjoy a long lunch at one of the local restaurants like Bistro de la Fontaine, which serves upscale French fare and Luxembourgish specialties.
With its natural beauty, rich history and laid-back vibe, Kehlen is the perfect escape from city life.
Yet its proximity to Luxembourg City means you're never too far from the amenities and attractions of the capital.
This little slice of paradise offers the best of both worlds.
The Best Restaurants and Cafés in Kehlen Once you arrive in the charming town of Kehlen, you'll find there's no shortage of attractions and activities to keep you entertained.
Explore the Local Shops and Restaurants Take a stroll down the main street and pop into the local shops, like Chocolaterie Gaasch or Patisserie Schmit-Normand.
Grab an espresso at Café de la Place or enjoy classic Luxembourgish cuisine at Restaurant Op der Plaz.
The homemade pea soup and pork knuckle are not to be missed! Visit the Kehlen Castle No trip to Kehlen is complete without visiting the town's most iconic landmark.
The Kehlen Castle was built in the 17th century and is open for tours from April to October.
Climb the tower for panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside.
The castle also hosts cultural events, so check their schedule to see if anything coincides with your visit.
Get Outdoors If the weather is nice, spend some time outside.
Go for a hike or bike ride along the walking and cycling paths through the forest and fields.
Pack a picnic lunch or drop by a local bakery for provisions.
Or simply find a spot to sit by the river Syre and enjoy the tranquility and natural scenery.
See a Show at the Cultural Center The Kehlen Cultural Center hosts live theater performances, concerts, lectures, and more.
They showcase both local Luxembourgish and international artists.
Even if you don't understand Luxembourgish, cultural events are a great way to experience the arts and connect with the local community.
Check their calendar of events and grab tickets for a memorable night out.
With its charming village atmosphere, outdoor recreation, cultural attractions, and gourmet cuisine, the little town of Kehlen has plenty to offer for a fun and relaxing escape.
Enjoy your Luxembourgish getaway! Where to Stay: Kehlen's Charming Hotels and B&Bs Kehlen has no shortage of charming restaurants and cafés to explore.
Here are some of the best places to dine in this picturesque town: Café Am Duerf A casual café located right on the main square, Café Am Duerf is the perfect spot to people watch while enjoying a coffee, snack or light meal.
They offer fresh salads, quiches, sandwiches as well as homemade cakes and pastries.
On a nice day, grab a table on their patio and soak in the surroundings.
Restaurant Op der Gare For an upscale dining experience, head to Restaurant Op der Gare.
Located in a historic train station, this elegant eatery features gourmet French and Italian fare made from locally-sourced ingredients.
Their wine list highlights varieties from Luxembourg and surrounding regions in Europe.
They have both indoor seating as well as al fresco dining on their outdoor terrace.
Reservations recommended, especially for dinner.
Bistro Kleng Gaart Bistro Kleng Gaart serves high-quality, homemade Luxembourgian specialties in a relaxed, rustic setting.
Their menu features dishes like jugged hare, stuffed pig’s stomach, and bacon dumplings with sauerkraut.
They also have an extensive beer list with many local craft brews on tap.
This family-run bistro is very affordable and perfect for a casual, no-frills meal.
Café Konschthaus For a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, stop by Café Konschthaus located within the town’s cultural center.
They offer specialty coffees, teas, fresh-baked goods as well as light fare like quiche, soup and salad.
The ambiance is artsy yet cozy, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.
They frequently host live music and other community events as well.
Whether you're looking for a quick coffee, a gourmet meal or something in between, the charming town of Kehlen has a dining spot perfect for any occasion.
Exploring the local food scene is a great way to get a taste of the town's culture and community.
Day Trip Ideas From Kehlen to Other Parts of Luxembourg Kehlen has a handful of charming hotels and bed & breakfasts perfect for your Luxembourg getaway.
Hotel Restaurant Zur Alzette The family-run Hotel Restaurant Zur Alzette offers cozy rooms in a historic building along the Alzette River.
Wake up to the sound of rushing water and views of the river from your balcony.
The on-site restaurant serves traditional Luxembourgish cuisine and international fare made from locally-sourced ingredients.
Hotel International For a budget-friendly stay, book a room at the Hotel International.
This simple yet stylish hotel is located in the heart of Kehlen, within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and attractions.
Guest rooms feature modern furnishings and decor.
There’s also free Wi-Fi, private parking and a terrace where you can enjoy a drink on warmer days.
Gästehaus Bissen Escape from it all at Gästehaus Bissen bed & breakfast.
Surrounded by gardens, this peaceful B&B is set on the outskirts of Kehlen in a renovated farmhouse.
The spacious rooms have a rustic yet refined style with wooden floors and balconies overlooking the grounds.
A homemade breakfast is served daily.
The friendly owners can recommend hiking and cycling trails nearby.
Whether you prefer a historic hotel in the center of town, a quiet B&B, or a budget-friendly option, Kehlen’s lodging options showcase the town’s charm.
Any of these cozy hotels or bed and breakfasts will make you feel right at home during your stay in this picturesque Luxembourgish community.


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