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Discovering Vilnius's Key Attractions With the Best European Tours Exploring Vilnius Old Town: A Walk Through History So you've decided to visit Lithuania's capital city Vilnius and want to experience the best it has to offer.
With so much history, culture, food, and natural beauty packed into this charming city, it can be hard to know where to start.
The good news is there are some fantastic tours that will introduce you to Vilnius's must-see attractions and hidden gems.
Whether you want to delve into the city's Jewish heritage, explore its baroque churches, or escape to the lush forests surrounding the city, these tours have you covered.
Get ready to discover why Vilnius is considered one of Europe's most underrated capitals.
Over the next few minutes, you'll uncover the best ways to explore this city's past and present with the top European tours in Vilnius.
Top Museums and Galleries to Visit in Vilnius Exploring Vilnius Old Town is like stepping back in time.
This UNESCO World Heritage site is filled with architectural and cultural treasures spanning over 600 years.
As you stroll down the cobblestone streets, you'll pass historic churches, castles, and palaces at every turn.
Must-sees include Vilnius Cathedral with its Neoclassical exterior and Baroque interior, as well as the amber-colored Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower for panoramic views of the city.
Vilnius University, founded in 1579, is another can't-miss spot.
Walk through its historic courtyards and hallways, soaking in the scholarly atmosphere.
For art lovers, the Vilnius Picture Gallery houses European paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries, including many notable Lithuanian works.
Once you've had your fill of culture, sit back and people watch at one of the charming cafés lining Town Hall Square or Cathedral Square.
Or if you prefer shopping, head to the Gates of Dawn and Pilies Street, lined with vendors selling traditional handicrafts like amber jewelry, woven textiles, and handmade chocolates.
When evening falls, find a spot along the Neris River to watch the city sparkle under a blanket of stars.
With an old-world ambiance and a vibrant cultural scene, Vilnius's UNESCO-listed center will capture your heart.
Savor every moment exploring this open-air museum and all the layers of history within its winding streets.
The Best Sightseeing Tours of Vilnius Vilnius has some of the best museums and galleries in Eastern Europe, with options for art lovers of all kinds.
National Museum of Lithuania This is the largest museum in the country, dedicated to Lithuanian history, art, and culture.
It has over 4.
5 million artifacts spanning from ancient times to the modern day.
You could easily spend an entire day exploring its many exhibits.
MO Museum One of the city’s newest museums, MO Museum is a must-see.
Its modern building alone is a work of art.
Inside, you’ll find contemporary art exhibits, as well as a collection of Lithuanian art from the last 50 years.
They also have temporary exhibits from world-renowned artists, so there’s always something new to experience.
Vilnius Picture Gallery Are you a fan of classical art? The Vilnius Picture Gallery houses paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries, including many famous works of art from Italian, Dutch, and Lithuanian masters.
Some of the highlights are “The Interlude” by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and “The Penitent Mary Magdalene” by Palma il Giovane.
With so many options, you may want to pick a few museums to focus on for your trip and save the rest for next time.
Vilnius’s art and history are so rich that you’ll definitely want to come back to discover more.
The city’s museums and galleries offer a glimpse into Lithuania's long, complex history and vibrant culture.
Day Trips From Vilnius to See More of Europe The Best Sightseeing Tours of Vilnius Lithuania's capital city Vilnius is filled with cultural attractions, historic architecture, and natural scenery that showcase its beauty.
The best way to discover all Vilnius has to offer is through guided sightseeing tours.
These tours provide an overview of the city's history and highlights, led by knowledgeable local guides.
Walking Tours For an intimate look at Vilnius on foot, walking tours are a perfect choice.
Companies like Vilnius Walking Tours and Like A Local Tours offer guided walks through the charming Old Town, stopping at attractions like the Vilnius Cathedral, Gediminas Tower, and St.
Anne's Church.
The 2-3 hour tours provide historical context about the city and allow you to explore at your own pace.
Bus Tours To cover more ground, hop-on hop-off bus tours are ideal.
Vilnius City Tour operates double-decker buses with multiple stops at popular sights like the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, National Museum, and Three Crosses monument.
The open-top buses have audio guides in several languages, allowing you to learn about the landmarks at your own pace.
Private Tours For a customized experience, book a private tour.
Companies such as Vilnius Private Tours and Baltic Day Tours offer private minivan or minibus tours tailored to your interests.
Work with local guides to create an itinerary focused on history, culture, architecture or other areas of your choice.
Private tours provide a more personal experience and allow for flexibility in your schedule.
With the variety of sightseeing tours in Vilnius, you can discover the city's charm and history in a way that suits you.
Soak in the ambiance of Old Town on a walking tour, get an overview of major landmarks by bus, or dive deep into areas of interest on a private tour.
No matter which option you choose, you'll experience the magic of Vilnius.
Vilnius Nightlife: Bars, Clubs, and Entertainment Vilnius makes a great base for exploring more of Europe on day trips.
Here are some of the top spots within a few hours of the city that you shouldn’t miss.
Trakai Island Castle Only 30 minutes from Vilnius, the stunning Trakai Island Castle is a must-see.
Surrounded by the scenic Lake Galvė, the red brick castle dates back to the 14th century.
You can take a guided tour to learn about its history and climb the towers for panoramic views of the lake and surrounding forests.
It’s especially picturesque in the fall when the autumn foliage is at its peak.
Kaunas Lithuania’s second largest city, Kaunas, is just over an hour from Vilnius.
Explore the charming Old Town, with its cobblestone streets, cafes, and churches like the stunning neo-Byzantine St.
Michael the Archangel Church.
The Devil’s Museum, featuring over 3,000 devil-themed artworks and sculptures, is one of the quirkiest attractions.
Kaunas also has a lively cultural scene, with many art galleries, theaters and music venues along the Nemunas River.
Rundale Palace About two hours south of Vilnius, Rundale Palace is one of the top attractions in Latvia.
The Baroque palace complex, built in the 18th century, features an opulent palace, rose garden and orangery.
The palace interiors are lavishly decorated with stucco details, frescoes and gilding.
The sprawling gardens behind the palace, with flower beds, fountains and pruned hedges, provide a perfect spot for a stroll on a sunny day.
Grodno, Belarus Just over the border in Belarus, about 2.
5 hours from Vilnius, Grodno has a well-preserved historical center with Orthodox cathedrals, a medieval fortress and palace.
As it was once part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Grodno has a mix of Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian influences in its architecture.
You’ll need to arrange a visa in advance to cross into Belarus, but the extra effort is worth it to experience its rich history and culture.


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