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A Stroll Through Pagramantis: Discovering Vilnius’ Hidden Gem Introducing Pagramantis: A Green Oasis in Vilnius You’ve landed in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, for a quick weekend getaway.
You’ve checked off the must-sees from your list - the Gediminas Tower, Vilnius Cathedral, Pilies Street.
Now you’re looking to discover something off the beaten path.
Let me point you to Pagramantis, a quiet neighborhood in the northern part of the old town that most tourists miss.
As you stroll through the winding cobblestone streets, you’ll feel transported back in time.
Gorgeous pastel-colored houses, many dating back to the 16th century, line the streets.
Flower pots and gardens add pops of color.
The pace slows down here.
Locals sit outside in the summer, chatting over coffee or a cold beer.
Pagramantis gives you a glimpse into the Vilnius of the past, a world away from the bustle just a few blocks south.
Lose yourself in this secret pocket of the city - you’ll be glad you did.
The Fascinating History of Pagramantis Tucked away in Vilnius’ old town, Pagramantis is an urban oasis waiting to be explored.
This “hidden gem” is actually one of the largest parks in the city center, covering over 16 acres of paths, gardens and greenery.
As you meander through the park's shady walkways, you'll discover beautiful themed areas like the Rose Garden, Sun Garden and Lithuanian Plants Garden.
In the spring and summer, the floral landscapes are in full bloom with vibrant colors and sweet scents.
It's the perfect spot for a relaxing stroll or picnic in nature.
For the kids, Pagramantis has playgrounds, a mini amusement park and paddle boat rentals on the pond.
You can also see peacocks, pheasants and other wildlife roaming freely around the park.
On Sundays, check out the outdoor artisan market to shop for handcrafted goods from local creators.
At the heart of Pagramantis sits the St.
Raphael’s Church, a Neo-Gothic architectural gem.
Climb the church tower for panoramic views of the city skyline and a bird's eye perspective of the park's lush greenery below.
Whether you're looking to spend a leisurely afternoon in the sun, discover Vilnius’ natural side or gain a glimpse into local culture, Pagramantis has something for everyone.
This urban escape offers a breath of fresh air and a chance to slow down from the city hustle, all while remaining right in the center of it all.
Paradise found, without leaving the city limits.
Top Sights and Activities in Pagramantis Park The history of Pagramantis dates back over 600 years.
This charming Vilnius suburb was first mentioned in written sources from the 15th century.
At the time, Pagramantis belonged to Vilnius Castellan Povilas Sapiega, who built a wooden fortress here.
In the 17th century, the magnificent Baroque church of St.
John the Baptist was built.
This architectural gem still stands today in the center of Pagramantis.
The church interior contains precious artworks, including an altarpiece painted by famous Lithuanian artist Pranciškus Smuglevičius.
By the 19th century, Pagramantis had become a popular summer resort for Vilnius residents seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Many built splendid villas here, some of which still dot the streets.
After WWII, Pagramantis was incorporated into Vilnius city.
Today, Pagramantis enchants visitors with its picturesque wooden houses, narrow winding streets, and natural beauty.
A stroll through the suburb offers a glimpse into Vilnius’ architectural and cultural heritage.
It’s no wonder Pagramantis has been nicknamed the “Montmartre” of Vilnius.
This verdant paradise is a perfect escape from the city, allowing you to travel back in time and connect with history.
Discover the layers of history and culture in this secret garden of Vilnius.
Pagramantis holds wonders around every corner, waiting to be explored.
Let its charming character and natural splendor inspire you.
This hidden gem is sure to capture your heart.
The Best Walking Routes Through Pagramantis Pagramantis Park is a hidden gem in Vilnius, filled with natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation.
Once a nobleman’s estate, today it offers something for everyone.
Walking and Hiking Trails Over 6 miles of paths wind through the woods and meadows of Pagramantis.
The trails are perfect for a leisurely stroll, invigorating hike or morning jog.
You may spot foxes, rabbits, and over 100 species of birds along the way.
The highest point in the park offers panoramic views of Vilnius.
Cycling Bring your bike to enjoy miles of cycling routes through picturesque surroundings.
The paths are suitable for riders of all skill levels.
Pack a picnic lunch to refuel at one of the rest areas along the cycling trails.
Boating In the summer, rent kayaks, canoes or rowboats to explore Lake Pagramantis, the park’s centerpiece.
Glide across the calm waters, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.
Stop at St.
John’s Island, home to the ruins of a small church, or at the northern shore which features a scenic beach.
Sports Facilities Pagramantis offers facilities for a variety of outdoor sports and games.
Play beach volleyball, basketball, tennis or soccer.
There are also playgrounds, an outdoor gym and a skate park.
Families will love the mini amusement park which includes bumper cars, trampolines and carousels.
Events The park hosts events year-round like craft fairs, food festivals, movie screenings and concerts.
The summer solstice on June 21st features traditional Lithuanian folk celebrations with dancing, singing and bonfires.
Pagramantis Park has something for everyone in every season.
Discover this natural oasis in the heart of Vilnius.
Why Pagramantis Is a Hidden Gem in Europe's Green Capital The winding cobblestone streets and charming architecture of Pagramantis invite leisurely strolls.
Here are some of the best walking routes to discover this hidden gem of Vilnius.
Gedimino Prospektas This grand boulevard lined with upscale shops and restaurants is a perfect introduction to the city.
Start at the historic Gediminas Tower, then head south towards the bustling town square.
Soak in the atmosphere along the way, stopping in at any cafe that catches your eye.
The Old Town The UNESCO World Heritage site of Vilnius’ Old Town is a maze of narrow alleys and courtyards begging to be explored.
Begin at Cathedral Square, home to Vilnius Cathedral and its freestanding belfry.
From there, follow your whims through the surrounding streets.
Look for St.
Anne's Church, one of the city’s most stunning architectural works with over 2,000 kinds of bricks.
Drop by Literatų Street to spot the plaques of famous writers and grab lunch at one of the cute cafes.
The River Neris For a dose of nature, take a walk along the river Neris which flows through the heart of Vilnius.
Start at the Green Bridge and head north, passing scenic parks, monuments and the historic Vilnius Power Plant.
On the opposite bank, you’ll spot stately government buildings and churches atop the hill.
Cross over the Žvėryno Bridge to explore Žvėrynas, a hip neighborhood with art galleries, vintage shops and nightlife.
Užupis Just across the river from Old Town lies the bohemian district of Užupis.
This self-proclaimed “Republic” has its own president, constitution and army.
Explore its winding lanes to find unusual art installations, colorful murals and a Tibetan Peace Garden.
Grab a coffee at one of the quirky cafes and soak in the creative spirit.
A stroll through Užupis’ cobblestone streets feels like stepping into an artists’ secret world.
A walking tour of Pagramantis offers a glimpse into the soul of Vilnius.
Lose yourself in the city’s hidden courtyards, stumble upon architectural gems, and discover its creative spirit.
At every turn, a new delight awaits.


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