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Reichlange Luxembourg: Exploring Europe's Best Kept Secret Introducing Reichlange, Luxembourg So you want to plan a European getaway but aren't interested in battling the hordes of tourists in London or Paris? Look no further than Luxembourg.
Nestled between Germany, France, and Belgium, this tiny country is one of Europe's best-kept secrets.
Despite its small size, Luxembourg packs a big punch.
From stunning scenery to world-class wines, you'll find something for everyone in the Grand Duchy.
In the capital city of the same name, you can spend days exploring the UNESCO World Heritage sites, shopping at chic boutiques, and dining on everything from Michelin-starred cuisine to delicious street food.
Beyond the city, the countryside is filled with charming villages, medieval castles, and the stunning Mullerthal region, nicknamed 'Little Switzerland.
' The best part? There are so few tourists that you'll feel like you have the whole country to yourself.
So if you're looking for a stylish European escape without the crowds, set your sights on this secret hideaway in the heart of Europe.
Luxembourg awaits! Top 5 Things to See and Do in Reichlange Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium, the tiny country of Luxembourg is Europe's best kept secret.
Despite being one of the smallest countries on the continent, Luxembourg packs a punch with stunning scenery, a rich history, and vibrant culture.
The capital city of Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with cobblestone streets, medieval architecture and striking fortifications perched atop rocky cliffs.
Walk along the Chemin de la Corniche, a winding path along the ramparts that offers panoramic views of the city below.
In the city center, visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Grand Ducal Palace and Place d'Armes main square lined with shops and cafes.
Outside the city, the Mullerthal region is one of Luxembourg’s natural wonders with massive rock formations, dense forests and babbling brooks.
It’s a hiker’s paradise, with 112 miles of trails to explore.
The 12th-century Beaufort Castle is also nearby, one of the country’s most impressive medieval fortresses.
Foodies will delight in Luxembourg’s cuisine, influenced by German, French and Belgian flavors.
Indulge in gromperen (potato pancakes), judd mat gaardebounen (smoked pork neck with broad beans), and pâté luxembourgeois.
And to drink, you must try a glass of Crémant de Luxembourg, the country’s sparkling wine.
With its fairytale setting, outdoor adventures, delectable food and hidden charms, Luxembourg deserves a spot at the top of your must-see list.
This secret's too good to keep - now go discover it for yourself! The Charming Cafes and Restaurants of Reichlange As the capital of Luxembourg, Reichlange has no shortage of attractions to keep you enthralled during your visit.
Here are the top 5 things you must see and do: Explore the Old Quarters Meander through the cobblestone streets of the Old City, lined with picturesque houses and charming cafes.
Soak in the history as you pass landmarks like the Corniche and Bock Casemates.
The best way to experience the old quarters is just to get lost in them! Visit the National Museum of History and Art This world-class museum houses art and artifacts documenting Luxembourg's history.
Permanent exhibits feature paintings from the 14th century to today, as well as sculptures, coins, and archaeological finds.
It's a must for gaining insight into the cultural heritage of this captivating country.
Take a Tour of the Notre-Dame Cathedral No trip to Reichlange is complete without visiting this magnificent cathedral.
Construction began in the 17th century, and it reflects a harmonious blend of architectural styles.
Climb the cathedral tower for panoramic views of the city, then explore the ornate interior and crypt.
Guided tours provide context about this iconic landmark.
Shop at the Place d'Armes Place d'Armes is Reichlange’s main square, lined with shops, restaurants and cafes.
Buy souvenirs like chocolates, wine, and handicrafts as you soak in the ambiance.
Or simply sit, people watch, and enjoy a drink at one of the cafes.
Place d'Armes perfectly encapsulates Reichlange’s charm.
Take a Day Trip to Vianden Castle Just a 45-minute bus ride from Reichlange sits the majestic Vianden Castle, one of Europe’s largest fortified castles.
This medieval castle was built between the 11th and 14th centuries, and is a spectacle to explore.
The castle and surrounding village of Vianden are like taking a step back in time.
A day trip here is a must! Reichlange's Picturesque Hiking Trails The charming cafes and restaurants of Reichlange are a highlight of any visit.
You’ll find no shortage of delightful spots to dine, whether you’re in the mood for casual or upscale.
One of the most beloved cafes is Le Cafe du Jardin, located in a picturesque garden setting.
Enjoy fresh croissants, crepes, quiche and coffee under the shade of leafy trees.
For a sweet treat, visit the patisserie Maison Antoine which has been making its famous chocolates, macarons and gateaux since the 1950s.
If it’s a meal you’re after, Chez Augustine offers high quality locally-sourced ingredients in a cozy bistro.
Their duck confit and trout almandine are exceptional.
For a special occasion, book a table at Le Cygne, a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring innovative takes on classic Luxembourgish fare.
Their 7-course tasting menu is a splurge, but worth every penny.
On a sunny day, grab a table outside at Bistro Fleurie and people watch while enjoying a salad, sandwich or cheese platter.
As night falls, head to L’Ecurie for cocktails in a stylish space that was once a horse stable.
Their creative cocktail list offers unique concoctions using local spirits.
Whether you go for the ambiance, the food or both, Reichlange’s dining scene has something for every taste.
Spending a leisurely afternoon cafe hopping or an evening noshing at upscale bistros is the perfect way to soak in the charm of this picturesque city.
How to Get to Reichlange and the Best Times to Visit Luxembourg’s countryside is a hiking paradise, filled with picturesque trails that wind through thick forests, open meadows and along babbling brooks.
One of the highlights is the Mullerthal Trail, also known as “Little Switzerland”.
This 112 km trail is Luxembourg’s most famous, taking you through the hilly Mullerthal region with stunning rock formations, cliffs and gorges.
Berdorf Loop For an easy half-day hike, try the Berdorf Loop.
This 10 km trail starts in the village of Berdorf, following the Sûre River through a scenic valley.
You’ll pass the Berdorf Fish Ladder, a historic structure that allows fish to bypass a dam, as well as Burglinster Castle, perched atop a hill with panoramic views of the countryside.
Stop for a drink at the castle’s wine cellar or continue on to complete the loop.
Echternach to Beaufort If you want a more challenging full-day hike, hike from Echternach to Beaufort, a picturesque 18 km section of the Mullerthal Trail.
You’ll trek through dense forests, past striking rock formations like the “Praying Monk” and the “Witch Rock”, and catch glimpses of Echternach Lake shimmering in the distance.
Reward yourself with a well-deserved meal and cold beer in Beaufort at the end.
Other highlights include the Escapardenne Lee Trail, a 51 km path following the German border, and the Our Nature Hiking Trail, a 175 km trail circling the country with options for half-day hikes.
No matter which trail you choose, you’ll be rewarded with Luxembourg’s stunning scenery around every turn.
Lace up your hiking boots, fill your backpack and set off on an adventure in this European gem!


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