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Rubikiai Vilnius: The European Hub for Cube Enthusiasts Introducing Rubikiai Vilnius: The Cube Capital of Europe Let's face it, you're obsessed with Rubik's Cubes.
Ever since you solved your first side as a kid, those colorful little squares have held a special place in your heart.
If you're like most cube enthusiasts, you've always dreamed of visiting the mecca of cubing.
Well gear up, because your Rubik's pilgrimage is about to begin.
Rubikiai Vilnius, Lithuania is the hub of the global speedcubing scene and cube culture.
From world record attempts to massive cube mosaics, this vibrant city celebrates all things Rubik.
Whether you're chasing world class times or just looking to geek out with fellow cubers, Rubikiai Vilnius will spin you right round with its infectious passion for puzzles.
The twisting lanes and vibrant culture of this Baltic beauty are a perfect match for the kinetic energy of cubing.
Ready to have your cubes and eat them too? Then start planning your trip to the world's only cube-themed city.
Your fellow speedcubers will be green with envy.
Rubik's Cube Competitions Hosted in Vilnius Located in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania, Rubikiai Vilnius is the premier destination for cube enthusiasts across Europe.
Home to the European Cube Association and host of the annual Vilnius Cube Open, Rubikiai Vilnius attracts cubers from over 30 countries.
A Hub for Competitions and Records Rubikiai Vilnius holds over a dozen WCA-sanctioned competitions each year, including the Vilnius Cube Open which draws over 700 competitors vying to set new records and win prizes.
The venue features multiple competition halls, a scramble room, and practice areas to keep events running smoothly.
With its world-class facilities and organizing team, it's no wonder Rubikiai Vilnius has hosted four European Cube Championships.
A Place for Passionate Cubers Beyond competitions, Rubikiai Vilnius serves as a community hub for cubers.
You'll find cubers of all skill levels hanging out, sharing solving techniques, and talking shop.
The ECA store stocks the latest cubes, accessories, and merch.
Take a workshop to improve your solving skills or learn advanced methods like blindfolded or multi-blind solving.
An Attraction for Visitors Rubikiai Vilnius welcomes visitors interested in speedcubing.
You can tour the facilities, watch competitions and record attempts live, and learn about the history of competitive cubing.
An interactive cube exhibit teaches solving methods and lets you time yourself.
With world-class competitions, a passionate community, and opportunities for visitors to experience competitive cubing firsthand, Rubikiai Vilnius has cemented its status as the cube capital of Europe.
If you're a cubing fan, add it to your must-visit list! Top Cube Shops and Galleries to Visit in Vilnius If you're a cube fanatic, Vilnius is the place to be.
This city hosts some of the biggest Rubik's Cube competitions in Europe, drawing competitors from all over the world.
Vilnius Open The Vilnius Open is held each spring and features classic 3x3 speedcubing events, as well as competitions for other twisty puzzles.
Top solvers can win cash prizes, while newcomers are welcomed in beginner and intermediate divisions.
The exciting atmosphere and chance to meet fellow cubers make this a must-attend event.
Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup In 2019, Vilnius was selected to host the first-ever Red Bull Rubik's Cube World Cup.
This invite-only competition brought together the world's top 16 speedcubers to battle it out for the championship title and a share of the $50,000 prize pool.
Competitors faced off in a series of elimination rounds across multiple cube variations until only one solver was left standing.
With its growing cube community and world-class events, Vilnius has cemented its status as the European mecca for twisty puzzle enthusiasts.
If solving the Rubik's Cube is your passion, start planning your trip to Lithuania's picturesque capital city.
The challenges, connections and thrill of competition await! The Best Cube-Themed Cafes and Restaurants Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has become a mecca for cube and puzzle enthusiasts from all over Europe.
Home to the Vilnius Cube Museum and annual Red Bull Rubik’s Cube championships, the city offers many places for “cubers” to shop and explore.
Vilnius Cube Museum This museum dedicated to the Rubik’s Cube and other mechanical puzzles opened in 2011.
It features rare, vintage cubes from the 1980s as well as modern cubes of all sizes.
Visitors can learn about the history of the cube, how the mechanisms work, and record times for solving different cubes.
Admission tickets start around €6.
Bumerangas For over 25 years, Bumerangas has been one of the top cube shops in Vilnius.
They carry a wide range of cubes, pyraminxes, and other twisty puzzles from brands like Gan, MoYu, and QiYi.
Prices range from €5 to €50 depending on the puzzle.
They also sell cube mats, lubes, and tools for modding and repairing your cubes.
Even if you’re not buying, it’s a great place to check out the latest innovations in cube technology.
Red Bull Rubik’s Cube Championship Each fall, Vilnius hosts the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube Championship where elite “speedcubers” from around the world compete to solve the 3x3 cube in record times.
Spectators can watch the competitions, meet champion cubers like Feliks Zemdegs, and pick up official Red Bull cube merchandise.
Tickets usually start around €15 for a full day pass.
With its strong community of cubing enthusiasts and many cube-focused attractions, Vilnius is a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about the Rubik’s Cube and other mechanical puzzles.
Bring your cube and get ready to shop, solve, and swap stories with fellow cubers from all over Europe.
Upcoming Rubik's Cube Events in Vilnius and Europe Rubikiai Vilnius is a mecca for cube puzzle enthusiasts, with several cafes and restaurants paying homage to the popular Rubik’s Cube.
Here are some of the best cube-themed spots to visit.
Cube Cafe This cafe embraces cubism in its decor and menu.
The walls feature enlarged Rubik’s Cube art, and tables have built-in cubes you can fiddle with while enjoying a coffee or snack.
Their signature “Cube Cake” is a cube-shaped chocolate treat with a sugar cube puzzle you have to solve to get to the sweet center.
They also offer cube puzzle workshops and speedcubing events.
Perpetual Puzzles Pizzeria If you prefer pizza over cake, head to Perpetual Puzzles.
This pizzeria has Rubik’s Cube tables, chairs, wall art and more providing an immersive cubist experience.
Their pizza is also crafted into perfect cube shapes before being sliced and served.
They have a collection of rare vintage cubes on display from the original 1980s models to modern speedcubes.
On Saturdays they host cube puzzle swap meets where enthusiasts can trade and sell cubes.
Cubist Cuisine For a full cube-themed meal, Cubist Cuisine is your best choice.
Their avant-garde menu features cube-shaped appetizers like tomato soup cubes and cheese cube skewers, Rubik’s Cube-inspired entrees such as scrambled “cube” eggs for breakfast or Rubik’s stew for dinner, and cube desserts like cubed gelato or chocolate Rubik’s cube cake.
The decor follows a stark cubist design with geometric furniture, cube light fixtures and a giant mural of scrambled Rubik’s Cubes.
They also sell custom cubist merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and more.
With so many cube-centric options, Rubikiai Vilnius will keep puzzle fans entertained for days.
Be sure to brush up on your cubing skills before visiting so you can fully appreciate all the cube-related puns and references infused into the local culture.
Cubists of all ages will find enjoyment in this twist on food, art and play.


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