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Exploring Europe's Coolest Street Art Scene in Vilnius, Lithuania Discovering Vilnius, Lithuania's Funky Street Art Scene Have you ever wanted to discover something completely new and off-the-beaten-path in Europe? Then pack your bags and head to Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the continent’s most underrated capitals.
Beyond the picturesque Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies a burgeoning street art scene waiting to be explored.
You’ll find massive murals, quirky sculptures, and thought-provoking installations tucked away in courtyards and plastered on abandoned buildings across the city.
Local artists are transforming the urban landscape with their evocative works, turning the streets of Vilnius into an open-air gallery.
If you want an alternative European getaway filled with culture, creativity, and nonstop visual stimulation, the bold and colorful world of Vilnius street art is calling your name.
Lose yourself in the city’s rebellious art scene and you’ll gain a new appreciation for this Baltic gem.
Vilnius’ secret is out—get there before the rest of the world catches on.
The Story Behind Vilnius' Vibrant Street Art Movement Exploring Vilnius’ street art scene is a funky way to discover the city’s eclectic culture.
This Baltic capital is home to over 1,000 murals and street art installations, ranging from massive abstract pieces to quirky sculptures.
To embark on your own open-air gallery tour, head to Užupis, Vilnius’ self-proclaimed independent republic of artists.
Along the main drag, you’ll spot a giant blue angel, a jumble of colored cubes, and a wall of retro TVs.
Check out the courtyard of the Užupis Art Incubator for an ever-changing display.
In the Old Town, hunt for the “Love Your Vilnius” mural, featuring two hands in the shape of a heart.
Nearby, find a massive yellow sun and a funky red-and-blue lizard.
The train station area showcases trippy, mind-bending works.
Don’t miss the Open Gallery, an urban renewal project transforming abandoned buildings into canvases for local talents.
Here you’ll discover a menagerie of creatures, musical scenes, and surreal dreamscapes.
Vilnius’ street art transforms the city into a whimsical wonderland.
Around every corner, visual delights await to spark your imagination.
So next time you’re in the Lithuanian capital, look up, look around, and let the city’s open-air art gallery surprise and inspire you.
Must-See Pieces of Street Art in the Užupis District The street art scene in Vilnius, Lithuania has exploded in recent years.
Local artists have turned the city into an open-air gallery, with colorful murals around every corner.
A Grassroots Movement The movement started organically in the early 2010s.
Local artists began creating large-scale murals and street art throughout the city, often without official permission.
The city eventually embraced the art and passed laws protecting public works.
Now, the council even commissions artists to create murals.
Art for Everyone The art is highly accessible since most pieces are massive, painted on building exteriors.
You can spend days exploring the city and spotting new works.
The styles range from surrealism to pop art to hyper-realism.
Some pieces make bold statements, while others are just whimsical and fun.
- Check out the massive surrealist mural on Literatų gatvė, depicting mysterious figures and a giant floating island.
- The photo-realistic mural on Savičiaus gatvė will make you do a double take.
- Whimsical pieces like the huge yellow fish or the pipe-smoking snail show the playful side of Vilnius’ art.
Putting Vilnius on the Map Thanks to its vibrant street art scene, Vilnius has become a premier European destination for muralists and street art fans.
The city holds annual street art festivals and many artists travel here just to create and contribute.
With a new generation of Lithuanian artists emerging and the continued support of city officials, Vilnius’ art scene will likely only get more exciting.
The open-air gallery is open all hours—don’t miss your chance to explore it! Standout Murals Along Vilnius' Main Avenues The Užupis district in Vilnius is a mecca for street art fans.
Home to an eclectic collection of murals, stencils and installations, exploring its narrow cobblestone streets is a visual feast.
Here are some of the must-see pieces of street art to discover in this bohemian enclave.
The Užupis Angel No trip to Užupis is complete without seeing the district’s guardian angel.
Situated in the main square, the bronze angel statue was designed by sculptor Romas Vilčiauskas.
It has become the symbol of the neighborhood.
The Užupis Constitution On Paupio Street, you’ll find the constitution of the self-proclaimed Republic of Užupis.
The tongue-in-cheek document declares things like “everyone has the right to be happy” and “a dog has the right to be a dog.
” It’s a quirky glimpse into the free-spirited nature of this artistic community.
The Street Poetry Poetry is an essential part of Užupis’ creative spirit.
Stenciled poems and poetic phrases adorn many of the walls, like “there is no reason to wake up in the morning” and “there is no reason not to be happy.
” See how many hidden gems of street poetry you can spot on your wanderings.
The Colorful Houses The houses in Užupis are a work of art in themselves.
While Vilnius’ old town architecture is stunning, the buildings here are brightly painted in a rainbow of colors like pink, yellow, purple and blue.
This vivid canvas makes for plenty of photo ops as you explore the backstreets.
The Street Art Gallery For a concentrated dose of street art, head to the open-air street art gallery on Užupio Street.
The long wall is covered in ever-changing murals, stencils and graffiti art, providing a glimpse into the ephemeral nature of street art.
See it now before new creations take their place! The free-spirited Užupis district is a must for any art lover visiting Vilnius.
Let your eyes wander the rainbow-hued streets and you’re sure to stumble upon a hidden gem of creativity and self-expression around every turn.
Happy exploring! Upcoming Street Art Festivals in Vilnius and Europe Vilnius’ main avenues are lined with imaginative murals that showcase the city’s vibrant street art scene.
As you stroll down Gedimino Prospektas, the city’s main thoroughfare, or hip Užupis district, you’ll spot massive artworks decorating building walls.
Here are a few standouts: The Guardian of Užupis In the heart of the bohemian Užupis district, a colossal mural titled “The Guardian of Užupis” watches over the neighborhood.
Painted in 2002 by Lithuanian artist Tadas Gutauskas, the surreal piece features a towering figure with a television screen for a head.
Whimsical details like a fish wriggling out of its coat pocket and a miniature city sprouting from its sleeve showcase the imaginative spirit of Užupis.
Love Story Romantics will swoon over the mural “Love Story,” located on a residential building along Gedimino Prospektas.
Painted in 2017 by Mantas Mazūras and Paulina Korobkaitė, the pastel-hued artwork depicts two young lovers surrounded by fantastical animals like unicorns, griffins and butterflies.
With its fairytale quality and nod to Vilnius’ history of magical realism, “Love Story” has become an iconic symbol of whimsical romance in the Lithuanian capital.
The Sun For a burst of brightness, head to Literatų gatvė in the Old Town.
There you’ll find a radiant yellow mural simply titled “The Sun.
” Created in 2016 by Mantas Mazūras, the massive sun features energetic sunbeams emanating from a central orb, bringing warmth and light to the historic alleyway.
Like a visual representation of the city’s revitalization, the cheerful mural has become a popular spot for photos, with visitors basking in its glow.
From fantastical creatures to radiant celestial bodies, Vilnius’ monumental murals fill the city’s streets with color and magic.
Take time to discover these larger-than-life artworks — they’re sure to ignite your imagination during your explorations of Europe's coolest street art scene.


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