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Vilnius, Vilnius, Europe: Your Guide to the Gem of Lithuania Introducing Vilnius, Lithuania's Historic Capital Hey there, curious traveler.
Ever heard of Vilnius? No, not Vegas—Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.
This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, a magical place with a storied history spanning over 600 years.
You’re about to discover why Vilnius should be at the top of your bucket list.
With cobblestone streets, pastel-colored houses, baroque churches on every corner, and a fairytale feel around every turn, Vilnius will charm your wanderlusting heart.
By day, get lost in the crooked alleyways of the Old Town, stopping for coffee and cake along the way.
As night falls, catch an open-air concert while the glow of stained-glass windows illuminates the squares.
Not your typical European capital, Vilnius marches to the beat of its own drum.
The city has a whimsical spirit, an anything-goes vibe, and a knack for continually surprising you.
Are you ready for an adventure in this Baltic beauty? Pack your bags, book your flight, and prepare to fall head over heels for Vilnius.
The fairytale awaits.
Top Attractions and Things to Do in Vilnius Introducing Vilnius, Lithuania's Historic Capital Vilnius oozes history, culture and charm.
Lithuania's capital city has a stunning Old Town recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, filled with architectural gems, cobbled streets and a magical atmosphere.
As you wander the Old Town, you'll stumble upon many storybook scenes.
Gothic St.
Anne's Church, with its ornate facade, is a photographer's paradise.
Vilnius Cathedral, founded in the 13th century, is a striking example of neoclassical architecture.
Gediminas Tower, the only remaining part of Vilnius Castle, offers panoramic views of the red-roofed city from its summit.
Vilnius also has a quirky side.
Check out the Frank Zappa Statue, one of the world’s only Zappa memorials.
The KGB Museum, former KGB headquarters, provides a glimpse into Lithuania's communist past.
Užupis, Vilnius' self-declared independent bohemian republic, is an artistic enclave filled with galleries, studios and cafes.
Foodies will be in heaven.
Traditional potato pancakes, cold beetroot soup, and poppy seed pastries are just a few local specialties.
Wash it all down with a pint of Švyturys, Lithuania's beloved beer.
With stunning scenery, a vibrant cultural scene, delectable food and an intriguing history, Vilnius deserves a spot at the top of your travel list.
This Baltic gem will capture your heart.
Vilnius' Fascinating Architecture and UNESCO Sites Vilnius is a charming city with a stunning Old Town recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
As the capital of Lithuania, it has a rich history and culture along with natural beauty.
There are many attractions and things to do to experience the magic of Vilnius.
Explore the Old Town The historic heart of Vilnius, with cobblestone streets, baroque churches, and pastel-colored buildings.
Walk around Cathedral Square, Gediminas Tower, Vilnius University and St.
Anne's Church.
Stop in one of the many cafés for a coffee or beer.
Visit the Museums There are over 40 museums in Vilnius.
The National Museum showcases the history of Lithuania.
The Vilnius Museum of Illusions will twist your mind.
The Museum of Genocide Victims in the former KGB headquarters remembers a dark time in history.
Take a Free Walking Tour To get an overview of the city, join one of the free walking tours.
They provide information about the history, culture, and daily life in Vilnius.
It's a great way for first-time visitors to orient themselves and learn from a local guide.
Relax in Vingis Park This huge park on the Neris River is a perfect place to unwind.
Go for a stroll, have a picnic on the grass, or rent a boat to paddle around.
There are also outdoor cafés, an amphitheater that hosts concerts, and a small amusement park for kids.
Experience the Food Lithuanian cuisine is hearty, using local ingredients like beets, potatoes, herring, bacon, and cheese.
Try cepelinai (meat dumplings), cold beetroot soup, or fried bread with garlic butter.
Wash it down with a cold Lithuanian beer like Švyturys or Utenos.
Skanaus! (Bon appetit!) Experiencing Vilnius' Vibrant Arts, Culture and Nightlife Vilnius’ architecture is a visual delight, with styles ranging from Gothic to Neoclassical.
Two UNESCO World Heritage sites anchor the city’s architectural wonders.
Vilnius Historic Center The historic center, with over 1,200 medieval buildings, is one of the largest old towns in Europe.
Walking through narrow cobblestone streets, you’ll stumble upon architectural gems around every corner.
Gothic St.
Anne's Church, with its asymmetrical façade, is a standout.
Baroque St.
Peter and St.
Paul's Church, rebuilt in the 17th century, dominates Cathedral Square.
Vilnius Cathedral, started in the 13th century, is a mishmash of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.
Climb the cathedral's bell tower for panoramic views of red-roofed buildings and church spires piercing the sky.
Trakai Castle Just 30 minutes from Vilnius, Trakai Castle is a fairy tale brought to life.
Surrounded by Lake Galvė, the red brick castle was built in the 14th century and served as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
The Gothic castle with dramatic towers now houses the Trakai History Museum, showcasing artifacts from the 16th to 20th centuries.
Walk along the castle ramparts and soak in the storybook setting, with the lake reflecting the castle's dramatic silhouette.
You can take boat tours to three small islands in the lake, remnants of the peninsula the castle was built on.
Trakai Castle is a must-see for a glimpse into Lithuania’s medieval history.
Vilnius’ UNESCO sites highlight the city’s architectural and cultural heritage, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit this European gem.
Explore winding cobblestone streets, climb church bell towers, and wander the ramparts of a fairy tale castle—the city is an open-air museum waiting to be discovered.
Where to Stay and Eat in Vilnius, Europe's Best Kept Secret Vilnius overflows with vibrant arts, culture, and nightlife.
As the capital city, it is the heart of Lithuania’s cultural scene with much to offer visitors.
Explore the Arts Vilnius has a thriving arts scene.
Check out the National Art Gallery with Lithuanian art from the 14th century to today.
The MO Museum is a modern art museum in a stunning building.
Vilnius also has many independent art galleries featuring contemporary art.
Experience the Culture Immerse yourself in Vilnius’ culture.
The Vilnius Cathedral, St.
Anne's Church, and the Gate of Dawn are architectural and religious landmarks.
Vilnius University, founded in 1579, is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe.
The city has a long Jewish history.
The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum tells the story of Litvak Jews.
Once called the “Jerusalem of Lithuania,” the former Jewish Quarter still has synagogues and yeshivas.
Folk culture is also celebrated.
Catch a show at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre or a concert at the Lithuanian National Philharmonic.
Check if any festivals are on, like the Vilnius International Film Festival or Vilnius Jazz Festival.
Experience the Nightlife Vilnius’ nightlife has options for everyone.
Hipster bars, microbreweries, and underground clubs attract a young crowd.
Užupis, the self-proclaimed “Republic of Užupis,” is an artsy district with quirky bars and cafes open late.
For a fancier evening, try a speakeasy-style bar or upscale club.
Stroll the cobblestone streets of the Old Town at night, with many bars, clubs, and restaurants open until the early hours.
In the summer, outdoor patios are bustling.
Stop for a glass of midus, a Lithuanian mead, or a pint of local craft beer along the way.
With so much on offer, you’ll want at least a few late nights in Vilnius to experience it all.


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